On The Hunt

As some of you may know, I recently had the opportunity to take on a promotion at my current place of employment.  A position as a department manager.  It was not originally the position that I desired, or planned, but I figured management was management and this particular posting could better help me in my short term plans.  The ultimate goal was for this new position to be my needed stepping stone into store management training.  While this is still the case, the past few months have caused quite a stir internally for me.

Life’s Soundtrack

We all remember those chain quizzes that seemed popular on MySpace and other digital portals back in the day.  One of my favorites was the life soundtrack quiz and all its variations.  I was recently reminded of these and thought I would take a stroll down memory lane...

Philosophy of Leadership

As a student of the Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of Houston, I am required to take a class called "Leadership in the Hospitality Industry" most often truncated to plain "Leadership" among the student ranks.  As you can imagine, the class is centered around being a leader and not just a manager during your professional career.  The last paper we were assigned to write was on the topic of our leadership philosophy.  I decided to share this with any who are interested...

Windows Phone 8 and Xbox Music Pass

I wish this whole thing was one big joke.  But it's both too early and too late for an April Fools.

I commend Microsoft for adding Media Transfer Protocol.  This is fantastic for downloading pictures to the computer and quickly moving various files back and forth.  It could be argued we should have had this with Windows Phone 7.  Alright, we have it now.  And sure, it even gives consumers the ability to use third-party options should they so choose.  Great.  This makes me excited.

Okay, so let me go sync my music collection...

Windows 8 – At a Glance

Windows 8 has officially been released! I've been playing around with the Windows 8 Release Preview for some time now and have been waiting anxiously for the official release. Well, that time has finally come! Along with that was the much anticipated release of Microsoft's Surface with Windows RT... [Video After Link]

Broomball 2012 with APX

For the past several years my fraternity APX (Alpha Rho Chi), hosts an event to help gather people's interest and just have some great fun. Broomball! Now, for those of you familiar with broomball, what happens on the ice here is probably a far cry from the more civilized, and more organized, matches you may see fought on the ice. For those of you not familiar with broomball, let me try my best to explain what happens here.

Beauty and the Beast

A couple Sundays ago, September 30 to be exact, I was lucky enough to go see Disney's Beauty and the Beast Broadway musical at the Hobby Center for the Performing Arts in Houston, Texas.  I found it interesting to compare the lengths between the feature film, the Broadway musical and the show performed at Disney's Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World.  The feature film would obviously be the standard, setting the pace for the story. The DHS version does a great job hitting the highlights, telling the story and giving you the music you would expect.  The Broadway musical is like the feature film on steroids.  You get the story, highlights, filler, music, more story and more music.  If I were to sum the musical up in the form of one word, great!

The Lion King Musical

This past Tuesday, I had the privilege to go see The Lion King Broadway musical. Let me start off by saying that it was amazing. I absolutely loved it. The costumes, the props, lighting, stage design, everything was fantastic. If you haven't seen this musical, and you have the opportunity, definitely take the time to go see this production. Having grown up with Disney's The Lion King, I already knew what the story line was all about. Father and son, son destined to be king, jealous uncle, betrayal, exile, self-discovery, victorious return and rebirth. That pretty much sums up, at least from my perspective, what happens here...

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