The Lion King Musical

This past Tuesday, I had the privilege to go see The Lion King Broadway musical. Let me start off by saying that it was amazing. I absolutely loved it. The costumes, the props, lighting, stage design, everything was fantastic. If you haven’t seen this musical, and you have the opportunity, definitely take the time to go see this production.
Having grown up with Disney’s The Lion King, I already knew what the story line was all about. Father and son, son destined to be king, jealous uncle, betrayal, exile, self-discovery, victorious return and rebirth. That pretty much sums up, at least from my perspective, what happens here. Having not done any previous research on the musical, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I couldn’t imagine they would completely rewrite the script from the theatrical cartoon. My guess was that there would be some changes so I was excited to see how much the musical paralleled the cartoon. All of the major scenes, and their subsequent songs, were in the musical with a few additions on top of that. So have no fear, if you’re a big Lion King fan, you won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything.

The costumes were definitely a highlight of the production. My favorite character was Scar, by far. The character itself is just one of my favorites, even though he is the villain, but I really loved his costume design. The characters are obviously human but for the most part they don’t try to hide that. Instead, the costumes add elements that personify and convey animal characteristics.

I’m not going to go scene by scene and deconstruct the entire musical, but I will say that overall it was a very entertaining show. The production keeps the original storyline and enriches it with music, dance and even a bit more comedy.

Next up is Beauty and the Beast, then Les Miserables.

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