Broomball 2012 with APX

For the past several years my fraternity APX (Alpha Rho Chi), hosts an event to help gather people’s interest and just have some great fun. Broomball! Now, for those of you familiar with broomball, what happens on the ice here is probably a far cry from the more civilized, and more organized, matches you may see fought on the ice. For those of you not familiar with broomball, let me try my best to explain what happens here.

Kind of think of it like hockey. But instead, there’s a mob of college students. Now add a broom (think a broom without the bristles), a small ball and no ice skates. Just your own two feet, in shoes preferably. I would have to say that the most organized part of the game is the very beginning when the ball is released onto the ice. That lasts for about … half a second. After that, it’s a frenzy to swarm the ball and force it into the other team’s goal. Above are some snapshots I took during the game. If you’re actually interested in reading more about broomball, check out the Book of Knowledge:

It’s been a couple years since I’ve been able to attend the event and just as long since I’ve been able to spend some time with my fellow Brothers. There were definitely more people there than they were expecting, but the injuries were on the mild side and everybody seemed to have a good time. I would have to say it was a success. Now it’s time for all those poor architecture students to dive back into studio and spend sleepless nights staring at computer screens and gluing together models.

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