Life’s Soundtrack

            We all remember those chain quizzes that
seemed popular on MySpace and other digital portals back in the day.  One of my favorites was the life soundtrack
quiz and all its variations.  The basic
concept was you would take your music library, put it on shuffle and answer
each “question” with the title of the song played, skipping to the next song with
each question.  In the end you would end up with a list of songs that would be the soundtrack for your life if it was a movie.  I was recently reminded
of these quizzes by my girlfriend and in a moment of nostalgia felt compelled to share my supposed life
soundtrack.  This may also give an interesting snapshot of the type of music you might find in my library.  Following the end of the list will be a link with a YouTube playlist of all these songs.

  1. Opening
    Concerto No. 1 in D Minor, BWV 1052/ii. Adagio [Amazon/YouTube]
  2. Waking
      Thrills – Cake [Amazon/YouTube]
  3. First
    Day at School: 
    Rock This Country! – Shania Twain [Amazon/YouTube]
  4. Falling
    in Love: 
    DIY2K – Pujol [Amazon/YouTube]
  5. Fight
    Ridin’ (batman) – V.I.C. [Amazon/YouTube]
  6. Breaking
    From The Future – MC Frontalot [Amazon/YouTube]
  7. Prom:  Into The Ocean – Blue October [Amazon/YouTube]
  8. Life:  I Know How To Say – 3Oh!3 [Amazon/YouTube]
  9. Mental
    Boom Boom Pow – Black Eyed Peas [Amazon/YouTube]
  10. Driving:  My Favourite Game – The Cardigans [Amazon/YouTube]
  11. Flashback:  Oceans & Streams – The Black Keys [Amazon/YouTube]
  12. Getting
    Back Together: 
    Day You Will – Lady Antebellum [Amazon/YouTube]
  13. Wedding:  First
    World Problems – MC Frontalot [Amazon/YouTube]
  14. Birth
    of Child:
    Bike (with the Other Things Brass Band) – They Might Be Giants [Amazon/YouTube]
  15. Final
    Moon – Brooks & Dunn [Amazon/YouTube]
  16. Death
    – Jonathan Coulton [JC’s MP3 Store/YouTube]
  17. Funeral
    – The Rocket Summer [Amazon/YouTube]
  18. End
    Ice – Shout Out Louds [Amazon/YouTube]

  As you have probably noticed, I have included a link to Amazon (or other appropriate online store) and YouTube (where available) if you want to listen to the song or purchase if you liked it.  As promised earlier, here’s a link to the YouTube playlist with all these songs.  My apologies if you are unable to watch it due to copyright restrictions in your region.


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