Lose it or lose it!

First day training for a 5k

“On this day…”

If you are a regular user of Facebook, this is a feature that is fairly well-known.  It creates a feed of statuses and events from your previous years.  It was two weeks ago that I happened to scroll through this feed and found pictures of myself from four years before.  At that time, I had been working on losing weight and had lost sixty pounds.  I looked good.

It was a little embarrassing to see those pictures.  Over the past four, years my weight had crept back with a vengeance to a tune of 270 pounds.  Each day I woke up tired and went to bed even more so.  Looking in the mirror was something done only out of necessity.  Half my wardrobe no longer fit and I risked not being able to wear the other.  I have known I was overweight and needed to lose the fat but somehow seeing these pictures made something click.  Something needed to be done.

There are so many programs and diets and philosophies out there regarding weight loss and healthy lifestyles.  Choosing one can be a little daunting.  Ultimately, I decided to use Weight Watchers.

Two weeks in and my official weigh-in is 260 pounds.  The first five days or so was no fun.  I went to bed and woke up with headaches.  My body was craving everything.  Ten pounds later and the headaches are gone, the cravings have by and large passed and good habits are beginning to be made.  Going forward I do not plan on losing five pounds a week, but it’s a great start.  I know that I can do this.

One big difference this go around versus what I did five years ago is exercise.  When I first lost my weight, it was solely a diet change – nothing else.  This time I am working on making exercise a regular routine.  As a goal, other than my weight, I am planning on running a 5k once I hit my goal weight of 200.  I have never been a runner but I have something to prove to myself.

Here is to another week and a healthy future.


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