Christo Loses It – Week 8 Update

June 19 marks the ending of Week 7 and the beginning of Week 8.  Week 7 started at 246 lbs.  Today I’m starting Week 8 at 242.2 lbs for a weekly loss of 3.8 lbs.  I’m very happy with the results but that’s not to say that Week 7 didn’t have its challenges.  Please let me share my previous week with you.

My largest concern was my food choices and tracking the food properly.  As you can see from the screenshot below, I did not do a great job tracking what I ate throughout the week.  Thankfully this doesn’t mean that all is lost.


My daily point tally for Week 7

So, what happened?  Something that I like to do is cook a batch of food that I will use for meals throughout the week, specifically things like vegetables and some sort of protein.  This makes it easy for me to throw together a meal, warm it up and eat healthily.  It also has the added benefit of being easily trackable on the go as I’m using the same foods.  I’ll make small modifications or different combinations so as not to make things too boring.  Doing this helps prepare meals and calculate the point values.  This past week, however, I ran out of premade food and cooked meals day to day, often in a rush.  This led to me being less than diligent sorting out the point values.  It was detrimental to my progress but definitely not a habit I want to keep up.

As for the food choices, I have two points to share.  The first problem is I ate fewer salads and vegetables than usual.  I use these not only as good sources of nutrients but also as a filler.  They help make sure that I’m getting a healthy meal that is filling and satiates my hunger.  Obviously, it didn’t prevent me from continuing to drop the pounds but it did make it difficult in regard to cravings.  I had a couple days where I definitely felt hungry at the end of it all.  It’s these moments of hunger that I do everything to prevent.  I see all the sodas and bread and sugars almost as an addiction and take steps to avoid them at all cost.  When I have fits of hunger like this, my instinct is to grab the closest thing and chow down.

The second part is related but a bit more specific.  Every day after dinner I tend to eat a grapefruit.  This helps on two fronts.  It acts as a dessert for me (who doesn’t like dessert), and as it turns out, is a great source of fiber.  Just like my prepared meals, I ran out of grapefruit in the first half of the week.  I noticed that the last several days I was having problems that can be aided by ensuring you’re getting a proper amount of fiber.  Perhaps this is just a coincidence but I’ll probably stick to my grapefruit a day routine (just in case).  Plus, I do love that wonderful fruit.

To round up the week, I also managed to get in four runs.  My goal is to run at least three times in a week.  Between the week’s runs, my pace averaged at 14’19” for a mile with my fastest mile being 13’10.”  This isn’t going to get me any gold medals but it’s a stark improvement from where I began.  I have about eight weeks to go until my first 5k with four weeks left of my training program.  I’m optimistic that come race day, I’ll be able to hold my own.

All in all, I would say that I had a decent week.  Not perfect but nothing ever is.  Going forward I plan on posting a weekly update highlighting any wins and laying out the challenges I discovered, along with some personal pieces revolving around life.  It’s important for people to know that they’re not alone.  I don’t pretend to be an expert on anything, but if I can help even one person get motivated or provide a different perspective I’ll feel like I have accomplished something.  Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments below.

Here’s to a good and healthy week!


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