Ghost the Musical: An Unapologetic (Not So) In-Depth Review

This previous Thursday (February 20, 2014) I had the privilege to once again return to the Hobby Center for Performing Arts in Houston, Texas.  My fiancé and I have a season subscription to the Gexa Energy Broadway in Houston.  This show was Ghost the Musical based on the Patrick Swayze movie “Ghost.”  I had heard that the visuals and illusion type effects were pretty awesome, so I had relatively high hopes for this production.  The following is my not so in-depth review:

The Ensemble – The supporting ensemble was good.  Enough said there.

Visual and special effects – the lighting and visual effects in the show were great.  My favorite scene in particular was the subway scene.  The use of projected images and smoke and mirrors allowed for some fun illusions and visuals.

Music and audio – my first thought was, “Did they not do a sound check?”  There were many a times when the orchestra was overpowering the performers.  Then there were times when the performers seemed like they were just screaming.  All in all, the music was lost in distortion and noise.

 Acting – not convincing.  More times than not it just felt scripted.  The characters just weren’t convincing.  Possibly more importantly, I felt no love connection between the two main characters – Sam and Molly.

Overall production – All together lacking.

The highlight of the night was formally introducing ourselves to the season subscribers who we’ve been sitting next to all season.

My final thoughts can be conveyed with two words – not good.  To be perfectly honest, I could have summarized this whole review (if it can even be called that) down to just one word.  But I felt like words such as “bad” or “sucked” just wouldn’t be fair to the cast of Ghost the Musical.

One last addendum, I never thought I would encounter a musical that would make me want to watch the musical Book of Mormon instead, but I did.  Hint: its name is in the title here.

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