New Site Design For ChristoSays!

Alright, so after having numerous internal debates with myself over what to do pertaining to my personal website I finally came up with a solution.  WordPress.  Yes, I said WordPress.  I finally got tired of trying to code my own pages and designing new layouts that would work for what I wanted.  And let’s not get started with the headache that adding content becomes.  If I wanted to create a blog and keep it updated, I would have to constantly hard-code the new entries by hand with the old way I was doing things.  Not very user-friendly for anybody.
During my search, I looked around and found a very nice theme for my site as well.  There are plenty of standard themes out there and a lot of options.  I wanted to make sure I had something that doesn’t seem like your everyday run-of-the-mill site out there.  I looked through countless numbers of themes and very few of them had the look and feel that I was going for.  Another important feature was to have a “responsive” theme.  More and more people are viewing the web via smartphones and mobile devices.  Even myself, I tend to peruse through various sites using my smartphone.  Being able to have a site that can actively adjust to various screen sizes is important to me, something I definitely couldn’t do myself.

So here we are, you and me and a fairly empty website.  Don’t worry, I plan on adding more content now that I have a decent foundation to work on.  My biggest problem I was having was that in the back of my head, anytime I thought about creating another episode of ChristoSays! or write a blog, I remembered that I didn’t have anywhere to place it that was even marginally worthwhile.  Well now I do!  So here’s to more content, more updates and a generally good time!

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